Tips & Tricks - Describe Your Beer Results Page

Our Describe Your Beer app is a versatile sensory tool, with many applications for the brewing industry. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to get the most out of this powerful free app.

1 - Add Tasters

The backbone of any sensory program is statistics, so you need more than one datapoint! Invite other panelists to evaluate the same beer and boost your confidence in the final description.

2 - Gather Results

As panelists complete their descriptions, the results page will compile the results and give you a clear picture of how your beer is being tasted.

3 - Finalize Description

Once all of the ratings are in, select finalize and have DraughtLab build a written description of you beer based on the statistical results. This description will be your guiding star from which you compare all subsequent batches of the same brand.