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Sensory Program Software

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Set up, execute, and analyze your sensory tests.


Describe your brand to develop a gold standard flavor profile.


Test subsequent batches for trueness to brand against your baseline descriptions.


Step-by-step help and advice along the way to help you grow your program.


Use what's in your pocket, no need to invest in devices for your brewery. Available on mobile, and tablet devices.



If you’re brewing beer, you’re a good candidate for a sensory program and DraughtLab Pro.

Can only large breweries with highly trained tasters benefit from a sensory program?

Absolutely not! Any brewery regularly tasting their beer in an objective and structured way will see immediate benefits.

What if we don’t have a sensory expert on hand?

No problem. DraughtLab Pro will do the heavy lifting and train you on how to taste and run your sensory program.

What if it’s hard to get people together for tastings?

If they have a smart phone, they can be a part of your sensory program at any time.

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