Food scientists looking to learn why
people love the things they love.



Ep 11: Jam Bands with a Lab Manager

On a list of full-on sensory experiences, you would be mistaken if you didn’t include the jam band scene. We talk with Lab Manager and Sensory Scientist Sydney Zagger of Russian River Brewing about why the music and people keep her coming back.

Ep 10: Superbowl Sensory

The Superbowl is this weekend, so we’re breaking down this unique “holiday” and how it impacts our behaviors. From the plates we eat on, to the ads we’re served during the game, sensory plays a big part in our experience.

Ep 9: Holiday Movies with a Coworker

With 40 NEW holiday movies being released every year, it's likely that a formula exists to make them successful. To figure it out, we had our coworker Brooke dive-in and watch holiday movies to identify the key characteristics.

Ep 8: Improv with an Executive

Improv performers rely on their creativity, quick thinking, and collaboration to do live theatre with no script. We catch up with Senior Director Brooke Bell to learn how those skills help in other areas of life.

Ep 7: Amaro with an Enthusiast

Amaro means "bitter" in Italian, but it hardly tells the story of the wide range of flavors and styles in this category of liqueurs. We talk with amaro enthusiast and co-owner of Burial Beer's Tim Gormley about what makes this drink so interesting.

Ep 6: Worst Halloween Treats with Adults and Kids

It's almost Halloween, so it's a perfect time to run a test and determine what is the least favorite treat for both adults and kids.

Ep 5: Secret Menus with a Coworker

Most fast food chains have secret menu items available if you know what to order. We sent our coworker Brooke to try and get her hands on these mystery foods to see what the hype is all about.

Ep 4: Tiny Foods with a Chef

The end products may be tiny, but the amount of care and attention to detail are huge. We talk with Tiny Food competition winner Kaitlyn Peot about how it all works and why Tiny Food has such a loyal following.

Ep 3: Mushroom Hunting with a Brewer

Foraging for mushrooms can be serious business, which was our discussion with mushroom hunter and brewmaster Ross Koenigs of Second Dawn Brewing.

Ep 2: Pickleball with a Semi-Pro

Pickleball is one of the fast growing sports in the country, so we asked semi-pro Joanna Laubscher to gives us 3 reasons why it's great.

Ep 1: Cottage Cheese with a Dad

Cottage cheese is having a moment, so we decided to break it down with an original fanatic... a Dad.