Line Score Feature Release

As part of our ongoing effort to provide more value back to you and your business, we are excited to discuss the new features being released around test customization in DraughtLab Pro. The first of these features is the customizable “Line Score” test, which is a great way to help answer more unique business questions.

Unlike Descriptive Analysis, which measures intensities of flavors, Line Score numbers correspond to unique and meaningful values that, when averaged, can help quickly determine a product’s disposition and directly inform process decisions.

A Few Applications

The Line Score test can be applied to samples that are known to fall on a gradient of acceptability; take shelf life as an example. If a company needs to directly inform a disposition decision like, “Keep selling” or “Pull from market”, the anchors on a line scale can range from “1-Fresh and True to Target” to “9-No Longer Recognizable”. Once averaged, decision makers can determine when a sample is too aged to sell.

This test can also be applied to measure a product against a known control or standard. If a company tries a different manufacturing process and wishes to measure the impact, a scaled difference rating (e.g. “0-No Difference” to “90-Extreme Difference”) can clearly contrast differences between the control and test sample. If the goal is to produce something similar to the control, a decision maker can determine how different is too different to be acceptable.

Train for Success

As with any sensory test, the level and quality of training, panel calibration, and data analysis applied will determine its success and reach. With any scaling method, a high level of training is required to achieve repeatable and accurate results. Start by introducing known standards to your panelists. Then test their recognition by serving blind samples. After evaluation is complete, calibrate the panel by revealing the sample’s identity. Repeat this process in training and panel settings and monitor individual responses for outliers.

The Line Score test will help you specifically measure samples against a unique set of previously determined criteria. If used properly, it can help inform specific questions in production using your unique internal language and measurement mechanisms.

The Test Templates feature is available now in the Enterprise tier of the DraughtLab software. If you have any questions about the new feature or how to get it, please reach out to us at

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