DraughtLab CBC 2018

The Craft Brewers Conference is always an enormous amount of fun, but this year we are especially excited. For the first time ever, public hop breeders are directly engaging brewers to help decide which experimental hop varieties will be scaled up, and we’re involved... Read More

Sensory Myths: Flexibility & Functionality

Just the other day, I was speaking with a friend in the industry and sharing in our woes regarding how much time and effort it can take to manage and maintain a strong sensory program... Read More

Limitations of the Mighty Triangle Test

We’ve all seen the headlines and felt the squeeze: “Craft brewers battling a hop shortage”, “What’s the haps with the hop shortage?”, “Millennials love craft beer, but will a hops shortage leave them thirsty?”. It isn’t difficult to imagine a scenario where we’re forced to find an adequate substitute for a key aroma hop in one of our growing brands. In the event that all 2017 Mosaics are imperiled by a natural disaster (let’s hope not!) how will you determine which hop (or combination of hops) can fill in without producing a major flavor difference... Read More

Batch-to-Batch Variation in Brewing: Let P-Charts Do the Work

“How do I know when the flavor of my beer is out of spec?”

I get this question a lot, and it truly is a fundamental question if your goal is to consistently brew great beer. Because of this, breweries need an easy AND objective way to tell if a given batch hits the flavor profile expected. This type of test has many names (e.g. go/no go, true to brand, TTB, etc.) and there are many approaches, all detailed below, but none so easy and powerful as using percent defect charts (p-charts for short).

Here’s what you’ll learn from this post:

  1. The different approaches of how to measure batch-to-batch variation
  2. Why we recommend p-charts
  3. An easy to understand guide with expert tips for using p-charts in your brewery
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Tips & Tricks - Describe Your Beer Results Page

Our Describe Your Beer app is a versatile sensory tool, with many applications for the brewing industry. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to get the most out of this powerful free app... Read More