Sensory Myths: Flexibility & Functionality

Just the other day, I was speaking with a friend in the industry and sharing in our woes regarding how much time and effort it can take to manage and maintain a strong sensory program... Read More

Limitations of the Mighty Triangle Test

We’ve all seen the headlines and felt the squeeze: “Craft brewers battling a hop shortage”, “What’s the haps with the hop shortage?”, “Millennials love craft beer, but will a hops shortage leave them thirsty?”. It isn’t difficult to imagine a scenario where we’re forced to find an adequate substitute for a key aroma hop in one of our growing brands. In the event that all 2017 Mosaics are imperiled by a natural disaster (let’s hope not!) how will you determine which hop (or combination of hops) can fill in without producing a major flavor difference... Read More

Batch-to-Batch Variation in Brewing: Let P-Charts Do the Work

“How do I know when the flavor of my beer is out of spec?”

I get this question a lot, and it truly is a fundamental question if your goal is to consistently brew great beer. Because of this, breweries need an easy AND objective way to tell if a given batch hits the flavor profile expected. This type of test has many names (e.g. go/no go, true to brand, TTB, etc.) and there are many approaches, all detailed below, but none so easy and powerful as using percent defect charts (p-charts for short).

Here’s what you’ll learn from this post:

  1. The different approaches of how to measure batch-to-batch variation
  2. Why we recommend p-charts
  3. An easy to understand guide with expert tips for using p-charts in your brewery
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Tips & Tricks - Describe Your Beer Results Page

Our Describe Your Beer app is a versatile sensory tool, with many applications for the brewing industry. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to get the most out of this powerful free app... Read More